Chicory Root Caffeine Free Coffee

IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  This is not safe for those pregnant and breastfeeding


  • 1 Packet Teecino Herbal Chicory Root Caffeine Free Coffee


  1. Boil water and let it cool for a few minutes before adding your tea bag.  Never add your Ayurvedic herbs to boiling water so your tea will not taste burned or too bitter.  You also want to preserve the nutritional value of the herbs.  Keep the bag in for a few seconds or longer depending on how strong you want your drink to be. 

    You can add sweetner or non-dairy milk to your taste.  

Alternative: Purchase the loose and Grounded Chicory Root

  1. Same instructions as above.   You would just brew this the same way you would do coffee.  Or you can place it on the stove in a pot of hot water.  Just don't let it boil.   Add your favorite sweetener, maybe some dandelion root, cocoa powder and your favorite nut milk or nut creamer.