Easter is upon us and what better way to celebrate than to show you my elegant easter decoration ideas for adults?  In this blog post, let’s view details of a photoshoot I designed around robin’s egg blue and elegant decor using some handcrafted work from Etsy vendors.  You will see examples of how you can include beautiful flowers, table settings, and other eco-friendly items during this easter season.  The images you see in this blog post were captured by Photoria Media for Pauline Stephens and Elations Designs.  Most people think of children’s activities such as an easter egg hunt or an easter basket full of chocolate bunnies for children, but this post is for adults too.    


Professional Photograph of an elegant tablescape




Easter is one day out of the year during the spring season.  It’s a day to celebrate rebirth, joy, and spiritual reflection.  Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is celebrated by Christians around the world.  Don’t be surprised to see a church full of beautiful and grateful children and adults in their Easter outfits.  I love to see it and experience it myself. 




A Richmond, Virginia decorates a tablescape full of robin's egg blue accents



A few people may remember that I formed a luxury event design corporation years ago and worked with several photographers to capture every detail.  I still own Elations Designs which was my first official business venture.  Creating and designing events is very fulfilling and there is never a time I am not inspired.  After having a handful of event design clients under my belt, I learned that photography was very important.  My portfolio was growing and I wanted all the memories and hard work professionally captured in still photos. 



Documenting decoration ideas and highlights from any event is a pretty big deal.  It should be one of the things that you have on the top of your to-do list.  After hours, days, and even months of planning, creating, and living in the moment, you would want to look back also.  Looking back at the day requires documenting the steps and the final look of your decoration.  You should make a point to take pictures from every angle and every detail.    No matter how small the detail may seem, having a photo of everything should be the goal.








Designing this table was so much fun.  I went in with the idea that I wanted to have an elegant dinner table setting for six.  The color had to be bright and inviting.  The theme was eco-friendly and I was challenged by the editor of Eco-beautiful Weddings magazine to utilize items from Etsy vendors for this photoshoot.  Hotel Palomar in Arlington, Virginia which has an eco-friendly program was so great to work with us as the host location of this shoot.  And I just had to have the lovely ladies from Photoria Media be the ones to photograph every detail of this elegant entertainment setup.  They are so professional and pleasant to work alongside. 



The details of the dining room table came together and I purchased loose flowers from flower vendors to create the arrangements.  I also re-used my vases, candelabras, and decor items for the tablescape.  My goal was to show that you can have an elegant but sustainable table arrangement. 




Easter egg ornaments used by an Richmond, Virginia event designer





Utilizing the gifts and talents of vendors on the Etsy platform was surprisingly stress-free.  Every vendor we worked with was professional and in my opinion some of the best the platform had to offer.  If you are seeking to pull together a cohesive design, try searching online to find unique items such as the ones you see here on the blog.  You never know what you will find since there many creative individuals around the world.  Make the design your own and try your hardest to make your own design elements like I did with the floral arrangements and photoshoot looks.  




A hand painted robin's egg blue ornament





When deciding on how you’d like to decorate your table or room for Easter, think about the color scheme you would like to use.  I decided that robin egg blue would be the dominant color.  Gray, white, hot pink, and peach were the accent colors I absolutely needed to be in the scene.  I can decide to use other hues that you are attracted to or that you already have lying around your home. 



Robin egg blue was a hue I used for several other assignments so I already had a few leftover items.  In the images here, take a look at the robin egg blue threads I used to wrap the candleholders.  Using a fabric with texture was also something I wanted to dress up the table.  I used the robin egg blue cloth to create a runner down the center of the table.  And of course, using an egg as the signature element made sense.  These egg ornaments were professionally painted and are one of my favorite memories from this table decoration. 




robin's egg blue ribbon wreath for your door decoration





Welcoming your guest from the front porch can be on your list of things to have when entertaining for Easter.  We decided to have a wreath and of course, the color is Robin’s egg blue.  This wreath was handcrafted with silky ribbons that just exuded elegance in person.  You can see in the photograph that there is also a bird’s nest with two eggs.  How cute is that? I turned the wreath upside down so that the nest would take center stage and the ribbons would angle right below it.  Bittersweet Design Studio did absolutely great job creating this and this is still one of my favorite colors from them.  




easter dinner menu card





Personalizing your paper goods could take time and a little more resources, but I think it makes the experience more unique.  If you enjoy calligraphy as much as I do, then hiring someone to create custom invitations, escort cards or menus may be a good idea.  We brought in our pink color scheme with the use of these uniquely round food menus.  Each menu was carefully designed to fit the plates we had at Hotel Palomar.  Designs by Robyn Love did a great job and I was very happy with my experience with her.  We also had the luxury of having hand written place cards, cake menu, and other signage (not shown on this particular blog post).  




floral bouquet of hot pink orchids and dusty miller with a blue wrap created by Pauline Stephens





Wearing light and neutral colors is my go-to during easter. If you plan to have all of the beautiful spring-like colors present, having a neutral-colored outfit is a great idea.  Contrary, if you plan to limit the color scheme, I’d say go all out with a vibrant outfit.  For this, our lovely model Lauren, had on a beautiful white dress.  We used that as our backdrop to showcase the bouquet arrangement I made using orchids and dusty miller.  I added the robin’s egg blue silk wrap to bring in our dominant color scheme.  Creating floral designs has always been something I enjoyed.  Branching out to create designs for brides and corporations brought joy since I was able to utilize my creative gifts.  



photo collage of elegant easter decoration ideas





Aside from event design and beautiful decor, gather your family and friends on easter.  Let them know and feel loved.  It’s easy to forget that easter is about joy and hope.  One idea that you can do is to have each person share a bible verse that explains growth and joy.   If your family is spread out across the globe, having a virtual event is possible.  Celebrate being together and don’t forget to document it in photos, videos, and audio.  Happy Easter and thank you for sharing your time reading my blog post.  And share this post with your family and friends too.  Maybe this will inspire them to start a new tradition.  Repost on Pinterest, share on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 



a picture collage of easter egg wreath and an elegant easter decoration ideas







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