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Ayurvedic Chicory Root Coffee


      My appearance on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning brought on a lot of conversations around the use of caffeine.  I wasn’t surprised that some of my peers and online followers were deeply interested in kicking the caffeine habit.  As I explained to the host, Greg McQuade, I too drank lots of coffee […]

Wellness Golden Milk with Ashwagandha

Ayurveda, Photography, Vegan

      I have a few go to Ayurvedic herb mix when it comes to increasing my energy level.  This is meant to educate you on alternatives to caffeine and sports drinks that are widely used in work spaces and sports.   Golden Milk has been at the top of my list when I […]

Ayurvedic and Alkaline Super Foods Bowl

Ayurveda, Cooking, Vegan

I enjoy cooking up dishes from many different cultures.  I am fascinated with the different spices that are use not only for taste but those that help with our overall health.  My favorite of all is turmeric which I have used for years now which you may already be familiar with. But did you know […]

TV Appearance on Virginia This Morning

Ayurveda, Cooking, Vegan

Appearing on Virginia This Morning for the second time this summer season was such a great treat.  This day, I showcased Ayurvedic and Alkaline Superfood Bowls.  I used Millet, Quinoa and Wild Rice for the bowls.  I also included chic peas also known as garbanzo beans, baby Bella mushrooms, onions, pepper, peas, tomatoes and more. […]

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