Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years for the purposes of treating digestive issues, wounds, infections, cosmetics and religious ceremonies.   It’s been documented that Aromatherapy  was used by ancient Egyptians, those in China, Greece and India, just to name a few.  You may be able to find elaborate information about these practices in many ancient texts today in museums, colleges and libraries but most accessibly, you will find references in your home.  Your Bible, Quran, the Vedas and the Tao Te Ching all have references of the use of aromatherapy. 


I have been fortunate enough to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City where ancient texts and artifacts can be found on many cultures and practices such as the use of aromatherapy oils.  Located on fifth avenue the museum is a beautiful site to see and there are so many fascinating things to do while you are there.  The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s website has an array of information to help you plan your trip.  New York University’s Institute For The Study of Ancient World would be an additional place to visit but access is limited to students, faculty and staff of its institution only.  There are special events held when the center is open to the public, so it is worth a try to visit their website for their events calendar.  It is worth the trip and time if you can ever make it there.  






Another place with a limitless amount of ancient texts and references is The Library of Congress which is located in Washington, D.C.  This library is the largest in the world and it is open to the public which is a great plus in my book.  Unlike smaller libraries, it has hard to find books and photographs too.  Like NYU’s Institute For The Study of Ancient World, The Library of Congress hosts events and lectures for scholars and researchers.  When it comes to online access from anywhere in the world, The Library of Congress is one and you can also try visiting Tufts University’s, The Perseus Digital Library.  You’ll get access to ancient texts from Egypt, Greece, Rome and more, that are also translated into your desired language.  You can visit their online references here


Most of my close peers know this, but I was accepted into New York University’s Stern Business School after graduating form High School but opted to move away from New York city upon graduating high school to experience a suburban campus life at another prestigious university; Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  I have no regrets and I’ve since gone back many times to NYU for events and lectures while in New York.






The Bible, historically has been read by many people around the world regardless of sex, religion and race.  It’s a sacred piece of documented stories that many hold dear to them and its been passed on from generation to generation.   Alongside other sacred documents, such as the Quran, the Vedas and the Tao Te Ching to name a few, the Bible references aromatherapy oils.  Many verses in the Bible refer to aromatherapy as ways to uplift your spirit which is needed in times of stress and depression.  One verse in particular, Proverbs 27:9 states: “Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.”


Other passages show oils as a healing tool for both emotional and physical ailments is James 5:14-15 which states “Is any sick among you?. Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him.  Anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise hime up.  And if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.”  I enjoy this passage as it speaks volumes concerning the power of aromatherapy oils as tool to heal yourself in a natural way along with prayer and faith.





The Bible does commonly reference the scents of frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood which to me all have a pleasantly woody scent.  Woody scents to me could be grounding for someone who needs to calm a racy mind.  It can also be for someone that wants to have a clean smelling room in preparation for mindful activities such as prayer, meditation and studying.  You can find some references of these in Matthew 2:11, and 1 Kings 4-33, Exodus 30:22-25 and Song of Solomon 1:12.


In my practice, I enjoy fresh scents such as lemon, lemongrass, grapefruit, and lavender just to name a few.  There are additional herb like scents that smell differently and do serve a different purpose but these may be some of my go to’s.  During my extensive travels to New York one year, where I was the teacher in training for a group of future meditation and yoga teachers, I carried around these scents to keep me calm and focused.  The long trips and late evenings required me to be alert and in good spirits.  I took my role as teacher in training very seriously and I strived to be a great example to the students who I helped support with homework and assignments. 



Being organized, alert and physically capable of fulfilling my own training assignments in excellence was very important to me.  Being a leader, meant showing up the way I wanted others to be.  And I’m so happy to have fulfilled the role and gained great experiences with everyone.  Besides, this is the yogi way I held in my mind from early on.  And if you know me, you know that naturally my makeup is to be a positive person regardless of the amount of work required to get a task done.  Partly contributed from my dosha type and more so due to being raised by a parent that did everything in excellence.  So parents, know that kids emulate what they see and creating habits for yourself that are excellent in nature will naturally rub off on them as well.






I currently have two Ayurvedic aromatherapy oils ready for you in my online shop and will have more individual oils for your convenience to make your own blends.  Each oil and essence is organic and handmade.  Our Balance and Refresh blend are in elegant 2.0 ounce roll on bottles.  You will enjoy the scents of lemongrass, eucalyptus and sweet marjoram in the Balance bottle.  This blend will reduce your stress, balance your mind and even provide relief to skin conditions.  Our customers like to put this on their wrist, behind their ears and even moisturize their dry hands as lemongrass is a skin healing agent as well.  The soothing scent of sweet marjoram helps with promoting relaxation and calmness.  This makes it a good option for those suffering from anxiety and attention deficit disorders.  Marjoram is also great for coughs colds and sinus congestion, so using this in your humidifier or dabbing a few drops on your arm and inhaling through your nose can bring on relief.  With all of these oils, we suggest you never ingest nor use this as giving medical advice but always consult with your doctor.    








Our Refresh blend also come in an elegant 2.0 ounce roll on bottle also consists of our favorite lemongrass as well as lime and geranium essential oils.  Note that each bottle has carrier oils which make them double duty for both aromatherapy and beauty aids for the skin.  In this blend we have an even more powerful oil; Geranium.  It is a go to for emotional balance.  Whether you need inner peace or to uplift your mood, I recommend using our Refresh aromatherapy oil.  We suggest using this upon waking up from your sleep, during long bouts of studying and even for anyone with hormonal imbalances.  Our clients with PMS symptoms and even menopause always asks for this blend.  And like our Balance aromatherapy oil, our Refresh blend is good to elevate respiratory issues as well. 





As I explained earlier, I do not recommend ingesting essential oils despite reports on the use of using it in drinks and food.  Although our essential oils are organic, my recommended use is not consistent with some ways you may find all over the internet.  Instead, I recommend using oils in the following ways:

  • Topically: placing the oils on key points on your body such as behind your ears, on your wrist or on your chest. 
  • Bathing: adding the oils to your favorite warm bath time is a great way to relax you and soothe your muscles.
  • Diffusing: use a diffuser to disburse the scents throughout your living space and inhale the richness of the oil’s aroma.  This can be your car, home or office.




If you find yourself in need of aromatherapy, you can reach me directly through my website to set up a consultation with myself or I am happy to refer you to one of our favorite aromatherapy practitioners.  And if you have any experiences with using aromatherapy, I’d like to hear your thoughts and suggestions of what you like.  



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