My appearance on CBS 6 Virginia This Morning brought on a lot of conversations around the use of caffeine.  I wasn’t surprised that some of my peers and online followers were deeply interested in kicking the caffeine habit.  As I explained to the host, Greg McQuade, I too drank lots of coffee and specifically from one coffee house for a few years until I realized the damage it was doing to me.  I couldn’t explain how I packed on so much weight, was extremely exhausted when I didn’t have it and I was jittery when I didn’t drink it.  The withdrawal symptoms while coming off of caffeine wasn’t easy to deal with but it didn’t last too long.  When it did end, I felt like a brand new person.  My thoughts were more clear, the jitters went away and believe it or not, I had much more energy because I was able to rest well at night.

On CBS 6 Virginia This Morning, I showcased Chicory Root which is a part of the dandelion family.  It has blue flowers on the tip.  You can forage these, get the grounded roots at your local grocery store or order it online.  You can also purchase it in tea bag form.   On the show, I used a hot pot to warm water and steep the tea.  With chicory you have a few options to create your perfect cup of Ayurvedic Chicory root coffee.  Its fairly simple and you can use any of the home methods you have done with regular coffee such as brewing, using a French press or boiling a cup of water and allowing it to cool for a minute before steeping it.

PLEASE NOTE: Pregnant individuals or those nursing should not consume chicory root.  Others with heart concerns should always speak to their medical team.  Everyone else should not over consume this.





I’ve recommended chicory root as a coffee substitute to my clients and there are so many positive benefits from consuming and I have listed just a few below:


  • Great source of fiber which is found in bananas
  • Great source or iron
  • Relieves constipation as its a perfect laxative
  • Helps remove toxins from the body
  • Anti-fungal which can rid your body of parasites
  • Protects the liver
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces anxiety and eases the mind
  • May prevent or delay diabetes
  • Decreases arthritis symptoms
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases energy


So whenever you think you need to grab a cup of “Joe”, think of how you can help your body stay healthy and your mind stress free.  Try a cup of chicory root coffee and let me know what you think!

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