I like to start off a new venture with a celebratory moment and this is one of those moments. After I came up with the name, business plan and style for my first business venture, I went out with a few friends to a fancy restaurant in New York City. My second business was even bigger and I opened my doors to many industry influencers with bells and whistles. There were tons of floral arrangements, high end decor and gourmet food to showcase my then over the top lifestyle. I think I even had a ball gown on. I am even more excited in this moment to share with you all that I have been building and working on during these past few years. See, my lifestyle no longer involves thriving off of intense moments nor does it require me to work to the point where I have no time to nurture myself or my family. These days, I am a mommy, a health champion, Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor, Fitness Professional and Plant Based Culinary artist which you can read more about on my website. I provide wellness to others on a daily basis which in my experience outweighs the benefits of having a competitive driven business. Yes, I still work pretty hard but I strive for balance in the simple things and quiet moments.

Let me take this moment to introduce myself with just a few bullets. Think of this as a mini resume but you can also read more about me here or better yet, schedule a time to speak with me face to face.
1- Analytical and precise in decision making
2- Graduated 2nd highest in High School
3- Holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Accounting with a minor in both Religious Studies and Women Studies
4- Worked on Wall Street since the age of 15 at financial institutions
5- Created and managed an event planning business
6- Created a business consulting company for small organizations
7- Currently a lifestyle professional focusing on providing, business development, fitness, wellness, Ayurveda and nutrition to individuals and organizations.



My journal will be filled with my research, resources, tools and opinions regarding health and wellness. You should look forward to fitness related articles, holistic and Ayurveda nutrition articles, vegan dishes, and interviews with companies or individuals that provide vegan and/or ethical goods and services. I will also post reminders on events that will be held across the globe that will benefit you in your quest to optimal health.

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