I wanted to write down my thoughts on what service means to me.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary; the term service has a few meanings that merge back to the same explanation.  But there is one that resonates with me the most.  Merriam-Webster describes service as the contribution to the welfare of others.  The interesting thing about this definition is that it includes “others”.  To me, the definition implies that the service is for the sole benefit of someone other than yourself.  It associates the terms with the well-being of someone else which is fascinating in itself since the term “service” when used in the corporate world has been watered down to merely represent your occupation or what someone should expect you to provide for them.  Similar to the Webster’s definition the beneficiary seems to be the receiver.



Service is one of those terms that rings a different bell in different situations and settings.  Service may have a high-and-mighty attribute in some situations and settings where having an ego is present.   In other situations and settings where ego is not celebrated, service holds a humble meaning that benefits both the receiver and giver.





In the beginning stages of designing my website, I thought a lot about the design and how to make it user-friendly with easy navigations. I toiled with the idea of whether I should use the term service anywhere on the site. On one hand, I didn’t want to use it, but I chose to after some time.  It just seemed more logical because its familiar to the everyday reader.   I know what service means to me and my current clients, but I also wanted to ban the term services since I have been in both corporate and wellness settings where its meaning to me is very different.  Becoming You Lifestyle Management, LLC is my current business and it’s clear that I am in the field of contributing to the well being of others.  If you’ve visited my website, you can see that I lead fitness sessions, culinary plans, lifestyle management consulting, guided meditation, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling, and photography sessions.  You can click on each photo and then scroll to the middle of the page to read an explanation of the service options. You would repeat this step for each service.



Right before I decided to use the term service on this website I remembered how at times it seemed out of place to me and that was because I started my career in a financial corporate setting.   We used the term service very often. Service at the time I was working there, involved creating a financial portfolio for a client that would yield profits and lower expenses.  I used all the tools I learned in business school and prior work experience to help the client acquire more with little to no risk.  This type of service isn’t terrible but my experience has caused me to view the term service attached to acquiring more of what someone else wants as opposed to what they need.  I gave myself a few days to detach “service” from “want” because it was my own experience that made me think this way.



I have to admit that I contemplated for a few days to instead use the term “offerings”.  Offerings seemed very fitting for the humble space I strive to create for my current and prospective clients.  And this holds true for my space here on the web.  To me, service means the offerings I have curated for those seeking to go higher.  It is what I work tirelessly hard to bring to the table that will help heal, nurture and empower others.   My offerings are both God-given and professionally trained gifts that I have attained.



I am so grateful to offer these services.  As you contemplate contacting me and securing any of these offerings, truly know that I am here to “contribute to your well-being” and to inspire you to get to your higher self.


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