I was in the mood to create a breakfast item that I normally do not make. I enjoy testing recipes to keep my interest in bold flavors entertained. I tend to get bored with foods and need variety every once in awhile. I was encouraged by a few new diverse group of people who were interested in my meal plan service. I wanted to introduce foods that they were familiar with and would enjoy but also true to my spin on vegan and Ayurvedic traditions.  I went into full planning mode and came up with several options ranging from my Jamaican roots to Indian roots (yes India as in the country). I recently found out that my grandfather married an Indian woman which now explains my natural gravitation to the rich foods and culture. I have a few Asian inspired vegan menu options too which I am excited about.  Today, I created  sweet and sour gluten free vegan kumquat pancakes that is my new all time favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner item.  Look out for new flavors and exciting made from scratch vegan dishes from me! You can email me if you’d like to explore any of my meal plan offerings.


Sweet and Sour Gluten Free Kumquat Vegan Pancakes ©PaulineStephens.com


So the truth is, I have been trying for a long time to create a gluten free and vegan pancakes that doesn’t taste stiff and bland. I’ve used different brands of flour, fats, and milk. You name it and I’ve done it. They just wouldn’t consistently taste and look the way I wanted. My distant friends call me a food snob and I agree with them, not all of the time but sometimes. The real explanation is I’m not a food snob, I just enjoy good food which requires the best ingredients. I have traveled so much that I know the difference between good food and great food. I can also taste the quality in foods. I’m that person in a restaurant that taste most of the seasonings in foods and name them. I can also distinguish whether the meal is filled with pesticides and if the food is stale.


Vegan Pancakes ©PaulineStephens.com



I created these sweet and sour gluten free kumquat pancakes from scratch for my meal plan clients. All the ingredients are organic and gluten free. I suggest pairing it with a fruit of your choice once kumquat goes out of season in April. My favorite part was making the hemp milk for this meal. It’s super easy to make and be sure you get the organic hemp seeds for this milk version. You can use any plant or nut milk of your choice but my new recipe that I patiently worked to create works best with this one. These gluten free and vegan pancakes are so fluffy and light you will not feel guilty after. I am excited about the feeling these pancakes gave me. The sweet and sour taste just did a happy dance and the crunchy element of organic walnuts I decorated it with didn’t disappoint either. Its rich in Omega 3 fats and antioxidants and always seem to boost my mood.  I also paired it with another a smooth and sweet kumquat jam that had a little bite to it as well.  This took it over the top and I just couldn’t hold back my composure.  The flavors just worked very well together.


Organic Kumquat Image ©PaulineStephens.com



What’s a Kumquat and what are the benefits? 


Organic Kumquat ©PaulineStephens.com




A kumquat is a small oval shaped citrus fruit that is packed with vitamin C and other nutrients. The fruit is cultivated in India, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and Southeast Asia. It’s a miniature version of an orange but don’t let the size of this fruit fool you. It is packed with so much flavor that will wake you up. Its citrusy or sour taste is very stimulating. I especially like this fruit because of its health benefits and I suggest fruits like this for my clients who have a Kapha imbalance. This earthy dosha type (Kapha), when not in balance tend to gain weight, become congested and have sluggish digestion just to name a few. Kumquats along with other citrus and sour foods will stimulate and regulate your digestion, thus aiding in weight loss when coupled with an all around healthy eating regimen. Kumquats are an excellent source for boosting your immune system which will help a Kapha type suffering from congestion and stuffiness. I also like fruits like this because someone with an imbalanced Kapha may find themselves feeling stuck emotionally, and can safely turn to this natural remedy to get their energy moving. An extra plus is that it beneficial for your hair, skin and eyes.


Organic Kumquats



Cheers to Becoming You! – Pauline

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